Ikarus flying to China!

Ikarus Stage Arts has been invited to the annual theatre event The Wuzhen Theatre Festival 2019 in China. This is only the 7th time the festival is held, but it is already one of the leading theatre festivals of China and Asia. We are emmensly proud to be invited to perform.
We are going to be a part of a cultural exchange with theatre lovers and theatre makers from all over the world.

In the webpage of the festival you can read how “people come to Wuzhen to dream. In the theatres, by the canal, in the little side streets. It is a place for artistic nourishment and reflection, where the world meets China, and China meets the world, in the theatre.”

This is a unique chance for Ikarus, not only is it our first international tour but Wuzhen also becomes a melting pot of great theatre in the frames of a city with over 1,300 years of history. An oppurtunity we can not miss!

It will enable the group to bring new energy and experience to our work in Denmark. Our wish is to shorten the distance between cummunity and art!

How can your money help us?

We already have a big part of our budget covered by the festival, but we still need some money to make this happen. More than 30 people has worked with IKARUS, so we know that it is not possible for all to go.

Except for the 10 persons that Wuzhen will be charged with in our group, there are 4 more members of our group who want to come to Wuzhen for our performance too, so we are calling this crowdfunding.

Ida, member of IKARUS: “Meeting Chinese culture and theatre in China would mean a great deal to me as a performer, but also as a citizen of the world. Building bridges is so important.”

We are asking for a total of 4000 euros. The money will cover accomodation, food, plane tickets between Denmark and China and transport from the airport to Wuzhen.



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