“According to the use you give to your wings,

you can fly or fall to the ground,

cause a tornado or offer refuge,

rikindle a fire or exthinguish it

According to the energy, the direction and the time-rhythm used

you are who decide what are the effects of your action”.

Luis Alonso


Ikarus Stage Arts was founded by Carolina Pizarro and Luis Alonso in 2017 and was initially a cultural platform, consisting of short term projects, residencies, and a network for performing artists from all over the world.

 Ikarus Stage Arts’ repertoire is very diverse, including street theatre, parades, theatrical concerts and stage performances, where music and movement is at the core. The performances has been shown in numerous events and festivals in Europe, Asia and America, addressing all sorts of audiences.

Alongside performing, Ikarus Stage Arts also work with community art and social including projects that opens up for new human encounters; focusing on personal development and creating new communities through performing arts.

Furthermore, there is Ikarus cultural platform that serves as a platform for theatrical research and as a network consisting of professional artists from around the world


Carolina Pizarro

Carolina Pizarro

Mother, daughter, sister and friend. Chilean director, actress teacher and scenic researcher

Francesca Pesce

Dancer, performer, choreographer, percussionist, Yoga Teacher, Tantra

Gabriela Arancibia Villagra

Gabriela is an artist who has developed as an actress-musician, assistant director, community worker and guide of artistic processes

Luis Alonso

Luis Alonso

Chilean director, actor and teacher

Michelle Marie Rodriguez

Puerto Rican artist based in France. Collaborate with Ikarus Stage Arts through her association L'Entre-là Théâtral

Mauricio Díaz Reyes

Mexican musician and actor based in Netherlands. Collaborate with Ikarus Stage Arts through his association VonRopi Producciones 

Serena Sansoni

Serena Sansoni

Italian actress and musician, who aims to explore the synthesis between music, literature, and acting.