“A letter, a white page, it’s mine. 

I write it, I draw it, I wrinkle it and I open it back. 

I can write it or leave it blank. 

I can write it and cross out only a few sentences, those that seem dangerous to me. 

Like my grandpa.”

“A story? 

Why do you want me to tell you a story?”

A girl fascinated by her deceased grandfather’s life finds in her childhood house a bunch of letters that he used to confiscate while he was serving in the army. Letters that soldiers and prisoners wrote to their relatives, friends, lovers… and that never reached their destination. 

She also finds the notebook of her grandmother, where she used to write the lifestories of women who pretended to be men in order to do everything that was forbidden for them back then. 

Thus following the traces of ink and old paper she will embark on a journey through generations, going through the horrors of the Chilean dictatorship but also finding hope in the stories of those women who had the courage to challenge their destiny and their time. 

Words from the actress

“Thanks to Frans Winther for the invitation to revisit myself. For guiding the rhythm of my heart. For inspiring me to go to the essence. 

Thanks to Else Marie Laukvik for the craziness. For inviting me to open my soul and take out the masks. 

Thanks to Julia Varley for give me again some fresh air. For giving me the possibility to feel my feet. For inspiring my words.”

Technical information

Directed: Carolina Pizarro

Actress: Gabriela Arancibia Villagra

Music: Rodrigo Contreras 

Première: 7th of May of 2021

Language: Spanish


This performance was created during an artistic residence as part of Ikarus Stage Arts in Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret in Holstebro, Denmark. 

From 2017 – 2021. 






Performance at Teãtrao 


Performance part of Transit 10 “The splendor of the ages”