Ikarus’ repertoire is incredibly diverse, including street shows, parades, performances, theatrical concerts. 

Ikarus Stage Arts repertoir, has taken part in numerous events and festivals in Europe, Asia and America addressing all sorts of audiences.

Alongside with their creative activity, Ikarus Stage Arts organizes a wide range of research projects for professional artists, as well as meetings that seek to enable social inclusion and development through performing arts.






Obsessed with being able to start playing and representing different roles, a patient begins to participate in a theatre workshop called “Crearte”

Some fictional characters, like Dido from Aeneid written by Virgilio, or real people like  Valerie Solanas, who shot Andy Warhol, allow her to establish another time and space, awakening her affections, dreams, desires and the ability to imagine.

Her body and the different roles that she plays change her capacity of self-recognition and the limits between reality and fiction are being transgressed during the medical visits at the psychiatric hospital.

Technical information

Director: Carolina Pizarro

Actress: Francesca Tesoniero

Assistant director:  Gabriela Arancibia

Musical director assistant: Gonzalo Hernández

Lighting design Ileana García Luján 

The performance was based on the story of The Town Musicians of Bremen, a tale written by the Brothers Grimm. 

Clown, Comedia Dell’Arte and physical comedy were some of the tools Ikarus Stage Arts used in this production to tell the story of this peculiar group of animal-musicians.

Technical information

Director: Carolina Pizarro

Assistant director:  Gabriela Arancibia

Music assistance: Gonzalo Hernández, Rodrigo Contreras. 

Actors: Gonzalo Hernández, Jakob Nielsen, João Silva, Matias Carruitero,  Pablo Lara, Sigrid Norheim, Simon Samuelsson, Yang Hui Tsyr. 

This performance was a Co-production between Hjerl Hede and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium. 


Performance based on the real story of Isabel Silva from Guinea Bissau.

“One day, in a hot country with red earth, the trees started to get sick and the girl, not knowing how to take care of them, decided to leave her country in order to find a cure. 

But when she arrived at that new land, something bigger started to blossom within her and her desires were swept by the river. 

Her boy, now a man, collects dreams and put them in a box to send them to his mother.”


Technical information

Directed: Carolina Pizarro

Performers: João Carlos Silva and Michelle Marie Rodriguez. 

Assistant director: Gabriela Arancibia

Set design: Francesca Tesoniero. 

Text adviser: Benjamin Slavutzky

This performance was created  for being part of  an European project in 2021. 

Metamorphosis was a journey through the East.

This theatrical concert was filled with the joy, the intensity and, sometimes, the melancholy of the Eastern-European countries, as well as with some elements from clown, that helped to comform the structure of the piece.

Technical information

Director: Carolina Pizarro

Musical director: Rodrigo Contreras

Actors – Musicians:  Gabriela Arancibia, João Silva, Matias Carruitero, Michelle Rodríguez,  Pablo Lara, Rodrigo Contreras, Sigrid Norheim, Simon Samuelsson, Yang Hui Tsyr, Zuzana Ďuríková.

Meeting between theatre and dance.

“No Border” is a dance and theater co-production which is a fusion of two existing performances: “Arcanum zero – when madness is on stage” (Ikarus Stage Arts | Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium- Odin Teatret) and “To be heard” (B’cause Dance Company). Both performances present a collage of different stories in which reality is blending with fiction. This performance is an experiment that tries to combine not only the forms of theater and dance, but also two parallel stories. It is a dialogue between different art forms, characters, means of expression, stories and people.


  • B’cause Foundation
  • B’cause Dance Company


  • Ikarus Stage Arts
  • Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret


  • Center of Theater and Dance in Warsaw
  • Project co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw

Technical information

Directed: Carolina Pizarro
Choreography: Bartek Woszczynski
Performing: Francesca Tesoniero, Dominika Strózewska, Bartek Woszczynski
Director’s assistant: Gabriela Arancibia
Music: Atmo Music Productions & Gonzalo Hernández
Lighting direction: Ileana García Luján, Artur Wytrykus
Artwork: Renata Orzeszek | Without Template