A donkey, two dogs, a cat, a rooster and a rat, all tired of how their owners treat them, get together and decide to run away from them and go to Bremen to become musicians. However their journey will not be easy! They will have to go through one thousand adventures and challenges if they want to achieve their dream. 

Will they be successful? Join them to figure it out!

Performance based on the story of The Town Musicians of Bremen, a tale written by the Brothers Grimm.

In this version the Donkey is the narrator of the story and he speaks directly to the audience, telling them how they all escaped their old lives and found a new opportunity of being happy thanks to music. And as it could not be otherwise, music plays an essential role in the story telling.

Every animal in the show is represented by a musical instrument, that happens to match the main features of the character: A violin for the donkey, a set of drums for the big dog, a clarinet for the chihuahua, a trombone for the rooster (and a guitar), a saxophone for the cat (as well as a mandolin and another guitar) and last but no least, a bass for the rat.

This whole gang of musicians will lead the audience through an amazing musical journey, jumping from styles like jazz and rumba to original music and traditional Danish songs.

Clown, Comedia Dell’Arte and physical comedy are some of the tools Ikarus Stage Arts uses in this production to tell the story of this peculiar group of animal-musicians.

The audience will have the chance to engage in a joyful, energetic and highly interactive show suitable for all ages.


Director: Carolina Pizarro

Assistant Director: Gabriela Arancibia

Narration language: English, Spanish or Danish

Duration: 40 minutes

Audience: Itinerant show suitable for all audience