The girl that got into a suitcase and appeared in "P"

Base on the real story of Isabel Silva from Guinea Bissau.

One day, in a hot country with red earth, the trees started to get sick and the girl, not knowing how to take care of them, decided to leave her country in order to find a cure. 

But when she arrived at that new land, something bigger started to blossom within her and her desires were swept by the river. 

Her boy, now a man, collects dreams and put them in a box to send them to his mother. 



Direction: Carolina Pizarro

Performers: João Carlos Silva and Michelle Marie Rodriguez. 

Assistant director: Gabriela Arancibia

Set design: Francesca Tesoniero. 

Text adviser: Benjamin Slavutzky

Co-production Ikarus Stage Arts – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium 

This performance was created  for being part of  an European project in 2021.