When madness is on stage

“The mental asylum, the institution of mistreatment par excellence, it inspires heartless and lifeless bodies.”

Fernando Ulloa

Obsessed with being able to start playing and representing different roles, a patient begins to participate in a theatre workshop called “Crearte”.

Some fictional characters, like Dido from Aeneid written by Virgilio, or real people like  Valerie Solanas, who shot Andy Warhol, allow her to establish another time and space, awakening her affections, dreams, desires and the ability to imagine.

Her body and the different roles that she plays change her capacity of self-recognition and the limits between reality and fiction are being transgressed during the medical visits at the psychiatric hospital.



Director: Carolina Pizarro

Actress: Francesca Tesoniero

Assistant director Gabriela Arancibia

Co-production Ikarus Stage Arts – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium. Denmark

Musical direction assistant Gonzalo Hernández

Lighting design Ileana García Luján