Jardin Rouge Festival – México

As last year, we were invited to be part of a new edition of Jardin Rouge Festival.

This time, México: 1 – 3 December

The invitation is to leave a barren land and create new experiences, free from gravity.

Jardin Rouge is a polymorphous, nomadic and pluridisciplinary international festival. The objective of this ‘total’ festival is to create a space of freedom and creation, to provoke moments where a varied public meets new artistic forms, shaking up the known and the expected. Jardin Rouge develops in theaters or cultural spaces invested in a reflection on the accompaniment of the artists and wishing to give the performers a freedom of action and adaptation. Spaces ready to transform themselves to go and find the spectator and surprise them. Jardin Rouge, a production by the international artists’ collective and production company Snowapple, exists to defend emerging and established creation, characterized by audacity, the search for new forms and the breaking of conventions.


Dec 01 - 03 2023


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