Unicorns are back after thousands of years missing. Like a stone that’s been thrown in still water, they break into daily life with an explosion of energy.

Monotony had taken over the city and in the middle of so much indifference, Ild, a lonely musician who was trying unsuccessfully to captivate its inhabitants, gets interrupted by a Unicorn Invasion. They are determined to surprise the human kind!

Ild can communicate with them telepathically and so he discovers that unicorns eat blue apples because they give them a magical power: the ability to laugh, enjoy life and love. Humans only eat bread and salt.

Surrounded by dance and singing Ild is feeling confused and wants to escape, but then the unicorns blow their horns. The mysterious Spirit of the Forest answers to their call and offers the musician a blue apple.

To be or not to be an unicorn? Maybe the transformation is about to begin.

Itinerant show suitable for all kind of audience

Unicorn Invasion Parade & The Blue Apple is an itinerant show that includes different elements from theatre, dance, clown, circus and live music. The choreographies and songs are strongly inspired by Lationamerican, Balcan and African music. The performers use masks shaped as an unicorn head, percussion instruments, tambourines, trutrucas, djembes and chairs. It is divided in two sections:

  • 1st Section: Unicorn Invasion Parade – A parade with live music during the whole itinerary. The performers move around constantly interacting with the audience and staging short musical numbers in different stations (squares, corners…) until they get to their final destination, where the second section of the show will take place.
  • 2nd Section: The Blue Apple – A narrator tells the plot of the story. It contains coral numbers with choreographies inspired by African and Brazilian dances, all accompanied with live music and percussive  sequences

Artistic Director: Caroline Pizzaro

Artistic Director & Producer: Luis Alonso

Narration’s language: English – Spanish – Danish

Length of the show: There are two versions available, a short one of 30 minutes and an extended one of 1 hour






Founders of Ikarus Stage Arts in 2017 in Holstebro, Denmark.

Actors of the Odin Teatret since 2016 under the direction of Eugenio Barba.


MULIGHEDERNES PLADS 11 june 2020 The Blue Apple at Vandkunsten, Holstebro, Denmark SENIORHØJSKOLEN NØRRE NISSUM 17 june 2020 The Blue Apple at Odin Teatret, Holstebro
SKOVBØRNEHAVE 25 june 2020   The Blue Apple at Skove børnehave, Holstebro
  WELCOME SOMMER HISTORIES 28 june 2020 Parade and The Blue Apple at HJERL HEDE Open-air Museum , Vinderup


Unicorn Invasion Parade : invitation to our summer activities.  At city center, Holstebro   

THORSMINDE  16, 17  july  

Unicorn Invasion Parade and The Blue Apple : invitation to Ikarus Akademi .   At Vesterhavgade 1E, Thorsminde.

ILDFLU FEST  5th august

Unicorn Invasion Parade and The Blue Apple   at Lystanlægget på Friluftsscenen Holstebro

THORSMINDE  7th august 

Unicorn Invasion Parade and The Blue Apple  at Vesterhavgade 1E, Thorsminde  

Margrethe Reedtz Skolen 10th august 

The Blue Apple   at Skolevænget 14 7830, Vinderup



Reading Project 2, 5, 7, 8, 9th oct 

The Blue Apple : to children and their parents from Vinderup Skolem Borbierg Skole, Skave Skole, Sevel Skole   at Odin Teatret, Holstebro.

Mulighedernes Plads 

Nørrelandkirens Børnehus 

Anborg Skole


Staby Skole

Ballet Skole